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Fire Prevention: Keeping the Workplace Safe

One of the most devastating accidents that can occur in your business comes from a fire. Fire is the third leading cause of death in the workplace and is the number one cause of a business never rebuilding after it has been destroyed by a fire. Whether your business is small or large, a disruption […]

Don’t Get Caught in a Liability Trap

Know your garage policy Garage liability vs. garage keepers liability is an issue that causes a lot of questions from shop owners. The answers vary based on the insurance agent’s experience with providing these two coverages and properly writing the coverage with an insurer who is in the space. Garage liability insurance is a general […]

Underestimating Business Interruption

When business owners decide to secure insurance there are many motivating factors driving decisions. For some contractual demands outline liability requirements and for others, it’s the thought of the cost of litigation. When it comes to property, many are motivated by a lender or mortgagee to secure coverage for a building or leased equipment. But, […]

Garage Owners Liability

Operating a business that works on vehicles has unique liability risks that can be insured through a garage owner’s policy. A garage liability policy provides protection for liability exposures in garage operations for claims from bodily injury and property damage. There are two coverages that should be considered when purchasing a policy – Garage Liability […]

Crime Coverage: What You Need to Know

Powered by Trevor Allan of Alliant Insurance Services, Inc. Commercial Crime coverage is a type of insurance designed to provide coverage for a wide range of crimes including: employee dishonesty, theft of money, burglary, forgery, computer fraud, and many others. One of the more common crimes in the automotive industry happens to be employee theft […]

3 Things You Should Know About Race Sponsorship

Sponsoring a race team has been around since the early days of racing and continues to have a positive impact on the racing community. Without sponsors, many race teams or even race series would never exist. It’s clear that sponsors will continue to play an important role in racing for many years to come, so […]