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Dedicated to Minimizing Your Garage Keepers Liability

With a strong focus on safeguarding your operations, our garage keepers insurance offerings extend to a range of critical areas. Whether it's the responsibility of safeguarding customers' vehicles under your care, custody, and control, or addressing liability concerns arising from test drives, our coverage shields your business from potential liabilities. RevPro® recognizes that exposure to accidents can jeopardize your company's standing, which is why our garage owner's insurance and garage keepers insurance coverage comprises an array of coverages designed to comprehensively safeguard your business.

Installers Edge: Garage Keepers Insurance Coverage

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Our Garage Keepers Insurance Program

From installing specialty automotive parts to restoring automobiles, RevPro has garage keepers insurance coverage built especially for your unique needs. Installers of aftermarket parts, dealer jobbers and custom car builders face many of the same issues revolving around garage operations, risk management and insurance. Whether it is the exposure to a customer’s car in their care, custody and control, or the test drive, exposure for liability actions in the event of an accident can put a company at risk.

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Garage & Garage Keepers Insurance Coverages

  • Garage Liability
  • Garage Keepers Legal Liability
  • Non-Owned Auto Liability
  • Property coverage for Buildings, Contents and Business Interruption Expenses
  • Customers Property
  • Business Interruption Including Extra Expense
  • Property in Transit / Mobile Property
An orange car shown in a garage that is covered by garage keepers liability insurance.

Garage & Garage Owners Insurance Coverage Highlights

  • Premium based on gross sales
  • Coverages customized for the garage owner or mobile installer
  • Billing options up to 10 monthly payments
  • Easy single form application
  • Rates leveraged by the buying power of the automotive aftermarket
  • Garage Keepers (Per Vehicle Agreed Value available upon request)
  • Garage Keepers Liability Coverage afforded on Direct Primary Basis

Garage Keepers Liability Insurance FAQ

Garage keepers’ liability provides protection only for your customers’ cars or other vehicles while they are in your control. This is separate from your garage liability policy but is usually written as part of the same insurance package. The limit of the coverage is determined by the number of customer vehicles on your lot and the average value of those autos.

Garage keepers’ liability provides protection for damage to a customer’s vehicle due to your legal liability. This coverage is important because the “care, custody or control” exclusion in the liability section of most policies leaves you responsible for damage that you or your employees cause.

If your business offers towing, repair, or any other service that requires you to store your customers’ vehicles on your property, garage owners’ insurance will protect you.

Garage liability policies cover your legal liability to pay damages to an injured third party. This covers slip-and-fall liability and bodily injury and property damage claims caused to others as a result of your business activities. This is not a warranty of your work, but protection for damage to a customer as a result of your work.

Garage liability insurance provides comprehensive coverage to protect both the general liability and automobile liability exposures in one packaged policy that reduces potential gaps. Any business that handles customers’ vehicles is likely to need a garage liability policy. This coverage is highly recommended for repair and body shops, car washes, mobile auto repair, and detailing businesses.

The primary difference between garage liability coverage and garage keepers coverage lies in the distinction between liability insurance and physical damage insurance. While garage liability covers the insured's responsibility for operations and vehicles, garage keepers insurance safeguards against damage to customers' vehicles. By teaming up with RevPro, you acquire a reliable companion to navigate the intricacies of auto manufacturers insurance and distributors liability. Our commitment is to deliver personalized attention, customized solutions, and exceptional support that extends beyond insurance policies.